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As a result, many startups at seed stage or incubator stage miss many opportunities to grow and establish themselves in the market. The Government of India, considering this, introduced the Startup India 种子基金计划 on the 16th of January 2014 to generate opportunities through financial and other means of support for the development of small startups in an effort to create a startup-friendly environment. In short, the Startup India is an initiative to aid startups at incubator stage so they can also grow and contribute to the economy.

什么是 Startup India?

Startup India 是印度政府的一项旗舰举措,旨在促进初创企业文化并创造强大而印度企业家和创新的包容性环境。自 2016 年 1 月 16 日成立以来,Startup India 实施了多种计划,旨在协助企业家并将印度转变为创造就业机会而非求职者的国家。

What is Startup India 种子基金计划?

Startup India 种子基金计划 (SISFS) is designed to provide financial support to startups to demonstrate concepts prototyping and product testing as well as market entry and commercialization. The scheme is offered under the banner of Startup India initiative. This will allow these startups to progress to a stage in which they can secure investment from angel investors, venture capitalists or request 商业贷款

Aim of the Startup India 种子基金计划 (SISFS)




Therefore, the Startup India 种子基金计划 (SISFS) aims to give financial assistance to entrepreneurs for Proof of Concept, prototype development, product testing, market entrance, and commercialization.

主要特点 of the Startup India 种子基金计划

#1. No mandatory physical incubation

#2. Startups can apply to 3 Investors simultaneously

Benefits of the Startup India 种子基金计划

#1. Through the Startup India 种子基金计划, financial support of up to Rs 50 lakh would be provided to entrepreneurs in their early stages via incubators.

#2. The grant is disbursed on milestones basis.

#3. Your startup becomes eligible for government tenders.

#4. As an entrepreneur, you get opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs and business experts.

#5. Registering under Startup India 种子基金计划 is a simple procedure as you need to submit an application form online.

#6. High-quality Intellectual Property Right Services including 商标 Registration and 专利注册 在内的优质知识产权服务。

#7. Obtaining approval from the Inter-Ministerial Board will result in a three-year period during which a startup is free from paying income tax.

#8. Startups in the research and development industry will have access to space in one of seven new Research Parks.

#9. The numerous compliances have been streamlined for startups to save their time and money. Compliance can be self-certified by startups.

#10. People who put their capital gains into government-sponsored venture funds are eligible for a tax break on such earnings. There will be an increase in the number of people willing to invest in new businesses as a result of this.

#11. Startups get access to the fast track winding up or 公司注销 process

资格 Criteria to avail Startup India 种子基金计划 for Startups

#1. Startup should be registered as 私人有限公司 or LLP

#2. Startup age should be less than 2 years

#3. Startups must be registered under the Government led Startup India Scheme.

#4. Service or product must have the potential for commercialization, market fit, and scaling.

#5. A startup must not have received more than Rs 10 lakh in funding from any other Central or State Government initiative.


#1. To address the specified issue, a startup's central service, product, distribution mechanism, business model, or approach must have some form of technological implementation.

#2. Companies with a focus on social impact, waste management, water management, financial inclusion, education, agriculture, food processing, biotechnology, healthcare, energy, mobility, defence, space, railroads, oil and gas, textiles, etc. will be given priority.

Type Of Funding Available under Startup India 种子基金计划

Startups through Startup India Scheme可以通过向风险资本家提供部分股权并使用孵化器管理他们的所有账户来获得资金。出售的股权部分也可以协商。

You can also get funding through convertible debentures under Startup India 种子基金计划. It means you will get funds and your company’s pre-decided number of shares will be acquired by the angel investors after a specific period. There will not be any collateral for the debt that you take through convertible debenture funding.

The Startup India 种子基金计划 offers you loans from lenders, financial institutions, or commercial banks. These loans can also be collateral-free.

E-StartupIndia 如何帮助您 in filing an application for Startup India 种子基金计划?

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    Step 2

    After successful submission of documents and the payment, our Startup India 种子基金计划 Experts will file your application.

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#1. The maximum amount of funding that may be distributed to entrepreneurs by the incubator is 20%.

#2. Debt, convertible debentures, and debt-linked instruments can provide up to Rs.50 lakh for business purposes like commercialization, market entry, and scaling.

#3. Startups must put the seed money to its intended use and not spend it on building new facilities.

#4. Grants of up to 20 lakh rupees are available to fund the creation and testing of prototypes, proofs of concept, or products. The incubator will distribute the grant in stages commensurate with the completion of milestones such as prototyping, product development, product testing, etc.

#5. Before delivering the initial portion, the incubator will enter into a legally binding agreement with the qualified startups.

#6. Subsequent instalments will be paid based on the incubator's and the startup's mutually agreed upon milestones.

#7. The money for the startups will be deposited into their business bank accounts.

#8. 高达 500 万卢比的投资可用于市场准入、商业化或通过债务可转换债券、债务挂钩工具扩大规模。

#9. The incubator must set the term of the loan when it approves the loan, however it must not be longer than 5 years. A period of 12 months may be granted for startups.

#10. The loans approved by the incubator are not guaranteed due to the infancy stage of the startup. So, the promoter, or any third party cannot provide any guarantees.

#11. Initial funding for a qualified startup will be disbursed within 60 days of the company's application being received.

#12. Before the next instalment of funding may be dispersed, the qualifying startup must provide a certificate of use and a status report on the project's development so far.

#13. 资金的利率不得高于现行回购利率。

#14. The debt based funding tenure should be fixed at the time of sanctioning the loan by the incubator, which shall be not more than 60 months (5 years).

#15. Startups will receive the funds in their company bank accounts

#16. Startup shall submit final report and audited utilisation certificate at the end of the project duration. For failed ventures, the entrepreneur will share his/her learnings and the reasons for failure in the report and submit this along with the utilisation certificate for the fund amount.

Document Checklist to obtain Startup 种子基金计划

#1. 公司注册 文件

#2. GST注册 Details

#3. DPIIT Recognition or Startup India Certification

#4. Application of Recognition

#5. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

#6. Employee Contracts and Offer Letters

#7. Shareholder’s Agreement

#8. Bylaws

#9. Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements

#10. Founder/ Co-Founder Agreement

#11. Business Plan/ Pitch Deck .

#12. Details about patent and trademark.

#13. Director’s Complete Profile Verification Details.

#14. PAN Card Number

Document Checklist to
obtain Startup 种子基金计划


为什么选择 E-StartupIndia?

E-Startup India is a professional team comprised of chartered accountants, company secretaries, lawyers and business experts that are working toward the integration of technology and traditional business practices in order to serve businesses including micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in a world that is both highly competitive and fast moving. We cater to the needs of small businesses operating in India by providing a wide range of online services, such as business registration, tax registration, ISO certification, doing accounting, and ensuring legal and financial compliance. We have excellent ratings from our clients and we all at E-Startup India aim to assist you so that you can grow your business. Through availing our Startup India 种子基金计划 application service, you will be easily able to turn your dreams into reality. Your business ideas in reality will get wings to fly and help you achieve your business goals.


  • 高达 500 万卢比的投资可用于市场准入、商业化或通过债务可转换债券、债务挂钩工具扩大规模。

  • 可获得高达 200 万卢比的赠款,用于资助原型、概念证明或产品的创建和测试。

来自独资经营者的支持申请将被拒绝。 SISFS只对获得DPIIT批准的初创公司开放。




There is no minimum education qualification required for founders to apply for Startup India 种子基金计划. 

  • If it is formed as a 私人有限公司, Registered Partnership Firm, or Limited Liability Partnership. A sole proprietorship or a public limited business are ineligible for startup funding.

  • 如果其成立/注册已达十年

  • 如果其任何财政年度的收入未达到 10 亿印度卢比

  • 如果它致力于创新、创造或升级商品、流程或服务,或者如果它是一种可扩展的商业模式,具有创造就业或创造财富的强大潜力。

  • 不应该通过现有公司的分立或重组来建立.

Yes, you can reapply for the Startup India 种子基金计划 after three months of refusal. This buffer period is provided to ensure that you have addressed the input from incubators and are ready to be evaluated again.




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