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About GST注册

# Concept:- Goods and Services Tax is a consolidated indirect tax policy that encompasses VAT, CST, Service Tax, Central Excise duty, Entertainment Tax, etc and is valid all over India with effect from 1st July 2017.

# When to register for GST:- Mandatory to register under GST when annual turnover exceeds INR 40/20 lakh or supply goods and services inter-state or through E-commerce platform.

# What are the GST tax rates:- Tax rates vary from 0% to 28% depends on the type of goods & nature of the services you are selling.

# Input Tax Credit Availment:- Only business unit registered under GST can avail credit of tax paid at the time of purchase while filing GST returns.

# Return Filing & Payment:- Every GST registrant requires to file three monthly/quarterly returns and One annual return. Requires paying tax every month.

# Composition Scheme:- Business Unit having an annual turnover less than INR 1.5 crore may opt the scheme. Requires to pay subsidize tax ranges from 1% to 5% & file quarterly return.

了解更多有关 GST 注册的信息

learn all about GST注册

When GST注册 Mandatory in India?

#Turnover Criteria:- All taxpayers who have an annual turnover above ₹40 lakhs are required to get new GST registration.

#Causal taxpayer:- If you supply goods or services in events/exhibitions where you do not have a permanent place of business, you need to get online GST注册 before starting a business. Such a dealer has to pay GST on the basis of an estimated turnover of 90 days. The validity of causal GST注册 is 90 days.

#NRI taxpayer:- NRI taxpayer, who does not have a place of business in India, wishes to start a business, then he has to apply for GST注册 in India before beginning operations in India. The validity of a new GST registration is 90 days.

#Agents of a supplier & Input service distributor:- All Input service distributor who wants carry-forward benefit of input tax credit requires gst registration.

#Reverse Charge:- A business who requires to pay tax under the reverse charge mechanism need GST注册.

#E-Commerce portal:- Every e-commerce portal (such as Amazon or Flipkart) under which multiple vendor’s selling their product requires gst registration.

Why I need GST注册?

GST 注册不仅可以帮助您的企业获得合法注册人的认可,还可以为您的企业带来许多机会。 GST 注册企业的好处一目了然如下:-

#Become more competitive:- You will be more competitive in comparison to your unregistered competitors since you will carry valid tax registration.

#Expand your business Online:- You cannot sell products or services on E-commerce platform without GST registration. If you're planning to give a blow on E-commerce platform like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Shopify or through your own website, you must need a GSTIN.

#Can take input tax credit:- Only Registered GST holders can avail input of GST tax paid on their purchases and save the cost.

#可以在印度各地销售,没有任何限制:- 没有 GSTIN,您不能进行州际贸易。这只有在您根据 GST 注册您的企业时才有可能。

#Apply Government Tenders:- Various government tenders requires GSTIN to apply tender. If you don’t have, you may miss the business opportunity.

#Open Current Bank Account:- Especially, in case of sole proprietor business Banks & Financial Institution does not open a current bank account in the name of business trade name unless you carry any government proof in the name of your business. GST registration certificate can help you to open a current bank account.

#Dealing with MNCs:- Generally, MNC’s does not get comfortable to deal with small business entities until they carry valid tax registration proof.

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GSTIN 是商品及服务税识别号的缩写。它由 15 个字母数字组成。这是在您成功完成 GST 注册后由政府生成的。


#First 2 digit show state code.

#Next 10 digit indicates PAN Number.

#Next 1 shows serial number of gst registration in a state.


OPC注册后,不用急着到银行分行开公司活期银行户口。我们将帮助您坐在 ICICI 银行开设账户。

借助 Instabill 移动应用程序,连接您的 ICICI 银行活期账户并进行无缝银行会计,一键下载银行对账单和检查银行余额.

什么是 GST 组合方案?

GST Composition Scheme是针对小额纳税人的,旨在减轻税务合规负担。小规模纳税人无需提交月度 GST 申报表,他们需要按固定营业额缴纳名义 GST。任何年营业额不超过 1.5 千万卢比的企业都可以根据组合方案选择 GST 注册。

了解有关 GST 组合方案的更多信息


Composition Scheme Regular Scheme
Compliance Relaxed Compliance in order to safeguard small businessmen. Normal compliance required.
Tax Rate Composition taxpayers need to pay nominal GST at a fixed rate of turnover, which is normally 1-5%. Tax rate for regular taxpayers goods and services, which is from 0-28%.
Input Tax Credit Composition taxpayers cannot avail Input tax credit benefit. Normal taxpayers can avail Input tax credit benefit.
GST 申报 Composition taxpayers required to file quarterly return. Normal taxpayers required to file monthly return.
Tax Invoice Composition taxpayers can not issue tax invoice to their customers. Normal taxpayers can issue tax invoice to their customers.

GST注册 Process

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


  • 4

    我们的专业人员将仔细检查文件的正确性和准确性并提交 GST 申请表。

  • 5

    我们的专业人员将定期跟进在线处理 GST 申请的政府部门。

  • 6

    在获得 GSTIN 后,我们将提供de GST 证书以及一些关于 GST 和 GST 发票软件的电子指南。


Documents Required for GST注册

1. PAN Card of the Business or Applicant:- GSTIN is linked to the PAN of the business. Hence, PAN is required to obtain GST certificate.

2. Identity and Address Proof of Promoters:- documents like PAN, passport, driving license, aadhaar card or voters identity card must be submitted for all the promoters.

3. Address Proof for Place of Business:- Documents like rental agreement or sale deed along with copies of electricity bill or latest property tax receipt or municipal khata copy must be submitted for the address mentioned in the GST application.

4. Bank Account Proof:- Scanned copy of the first page of bank passbook showing a few transaction and address of the business must be submitted for the bank account mentioned in the registration application.

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Dedicated GST Pro Support

GST Starter Guide

GST 发票指南

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GST 电子运单指南

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GST Billing Software for 1 year subscription**
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Dedicated GST Pro Support

GST Starter Guide

GST 发票指南

GST 发票模板

HSN/SAC 代码指南

GST 税率列表

GST 电子运单指南

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GST stands for goods and service tax. it is an indirect tax which has to be collected from customers when you sell your goods or services and required to be submitted to the government 

GST 注册是强制性的-

  • 如果您的年营业额超过 40 印度卢比 Lacs * 或
  • 如果您从事州际销售或
  • 如果您通过电子商务门户网站在线销售产品或
  • 如果您从事进出口业务
  • 如果您想为您的产品开具税务发票客户
  • 如果企业作为临时应纳税人参加州外的展览/活动

*在东北各州,年营业额门槛限额为 200 万印度卢比

是的,即使您的年营业额不超过 GST,您也可以自愿注册 GST门槛限制(40/20 Lacs)。

在 GST 下注册不仅可以帮助您将您的企业认可为合法注册人,还可以帮助您利用各种好处,例如提高 GST 发票、利用进项税抵免等等。



  • 一个企业实体从多个州提供商品和服务,那么他/她必须在不同的州根据 GST 进行注册。
  • 此外,任何企业实体可以获得多个 GSTIN,即使它们在多个垂直行业下从一个州运营以避免会计多个企业之间的复杂性。

XYZ Private Limited 仅在班加罗尔从事商品销售业务和软件销售业务,则企业需要获得多个 GST 编号。尽管如此,一家公司仍可以为其不同的业务领域申请多个 GST 编号。

如果您从一个州向整个印度供应商品和服务。您不需要多个 GST 证书。

If any business entity mandatorily required to register under GST, however, failed to apply or intentionally ignoring the same then business is liable to pay the penalty of 100% of the tax due or INR. 10,000 whichever is higher
The documents required depends upon the type of business you are running as. Following below documents required for GST注册: -
  • 护照尺寸照片
  • Aadhar卡或护照或驾驶执照
  • 商业实体的Pan卡
  • 营业场所的地址证明
  • 银行对账单或取消支票或存折
  • 公司注册证书公司、OPC 或 LLP
  • Partnership Deed(如果是合伙公司)

GSTIN 代表商品和服务税识别号,由 15 位数字组成。这将在您成功申请 GST 注册后从政府端生成。

  • 前 2 位数字表示根据 GST 注册的企业所在的州
  • 接下来的 10 位数字表示企业实体的 PAN
  • 第 13 位数字表示位于以下地区的企业数量相同的州
  • 最后两位数字是随机生成的。
GST rate varies from nature of goods/services you are selling; it ranges from 0% to 28%. To find out GST rate on your business download our GST guide from above 

是的,您可以使用一个 GST 编号销售商品和服务,前提是您在注册 GST 时列出了此类商品/服务。

Yes, in case of individual/sole proprietorship you are free to apply for GST registration on your firm name. Further, you can apply on your personal name as well. 
No, both savings and current accounts can be provided for getting registered under GST.



获得GST证书后必须做的事情GSTIN 编号:

1。在您的营业场所内贴上 GST 证书。

2.签发符合 GST 标准的发票。

注册免费的 Instabill GST 发票开票软件或下载 Android 移动应用程序。

3。及时提交您的 GST 申报表。

是的,从您获得 GST 注册证书的那一刻起,您需要在每笔销售中向客户收取 GST 税。

不知道如何向客户收取 GST 税?

Sign up Instabill GST Invoice Billing Software 免费。

No, you need single GST registration if you are supplying goods from single state to all over India. If you are supplying goods from 2 or more states then you require registering under GST of all such states. 


#1.登录CBIC Portal。
#3。在 GST 门户上创建新的用户 ID 和密码。
#4。输入您的所有业务详细信息以及发起人详细信息和公司地址、银行详细信息,并在 GST 门户网站上上传所需文件。
#5。最后,用 DSC 或 Aadhar 生成的 EVC 进行验证。

GST Composition Scheme is an easy scheme made for the small taxpayers to reduce the compliance burden. Small taxpayers can get rid of tedious GST formalities and pay GST at a fixed rate of turnover.Any business having an annual turnover less than ₹2 Crore* can opt for composition scheme under GST registration application.

*For Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh the above threshold limit is ₹1 Crore.
Advantages of GST Composition scheme
    • 需要提交单个季度报表。一年四次退货
    • 有限合规
    • 减税负
    • 缴纳少量营业税(贸易商1%和餐厅5%)
    • 不需要保留详细记录
    • 可以提供辅助服务高达â ‚¹ 根据组合计划,每年 50 万卢比。
    Disadvantages of GST Composition scheme
    • 无法利用所购商品的进项税抵免
    • 无法开具税务发票
    • 在正常 GST 计划的情况下,无法按照惯例对客户的发票收取组合税
    • 如果年营业额超过 1.5 千万卢比
    • 如果您涉及州际供应
    • 除餐厅以外的所有服务行业业务
    • 商品和服务进口商
    • 电子商务卖家
    • 非应税商品供应商
    • 通知制造商商品

    在第 23 届 GST 理事会会议上宣布放宽 GST 组成方案。

    ARN stands for Application Reference Number. It is the conclusive proof of successful submission of the application to the GST servers. It is generated after the TRN (Temporary Reference Number) & uploading of requisite documents
    Principal Place of Business is the primary location within the State where a taxpayer’s business is performed. The principal place of business is generally where the business’s books of accounts and records are kept and is often where the head of the firm or at least top management is located..
    HSN stands for Harmonized System of Nomenclature which is internationally accepted product coding system to maintain uniformity in the classification of goods. Service Accounting Codes (SAC) are adopted by the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) for identification of the services
    No, In case of private limited company, LLP, OPC, and partnership firm you can not change the name and other details however in case of sole proprietorship firm it is possible to change the business trade name 

    Yes, 数字签名证书 is required if you are Private limited, Public limited, LLP or One Person Company 

    Yes E-StartupIndia is an online platform serving all over India no matters wherever you are doing business all you need is internet connection on your mobile or desktop and we are ready to get your job done
    No, You don’t need to be physically present for the process, E-StartupIndia is an online catering platform all you need is internet connection  in your phone/computer and the required documents with you and we can get the job done no matters even if you are present at remotest location of the India


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