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2021-22 年,印度工程产品的前 25 大购买国占印度工程出口总额的74.6%。很明显,由于这一比例相当大,印度的大部分工程出口都运往成熟市场。印度政府实施了各种出口促进计划,例如零关税出口促进资本货物 (EPCG) 计划、出口卓越城镇 (TEE)、市场准入倡议 (MAI) 等。


Anyone having an export business of engineering goods or likely to start such a business must know about the Engineering Export Promotion Council and 工程 EPC 注册.

什么是 EEPC(工程出口促进委员会)?

工程出口促进委员会 (EEPC) 成立于 1955 年,旨在促进印度工程行业的贸易和投资。该委员会的主要职责是通过组织研讨会、博览会和买卖双方聚会等活动来推广“印度制造”品牌。此外,它还为国内和国际客户提供服务。

工程出口促进委员会 (EEPC) 成立于 1955 年,旨在促进印度工程行业的贸易和投资。该委员会的主要职责是通过组织研讨会、博览会和买卖双方聚会等活动来推广“印度制造”品牌。此外,它还为国内和国际客户提供服务。

它还可以激励中小微企业加入全球价值链。最后,EEPC 还提供工程 EPC RCMC(注册暨会员资格认证)以帮助 MSME。

What is the 工程 EPC 注册 - RCMC?

工程 EPC 注册 or Engineering Export Promotion Council Registration is a process to become a partner or member with the Engineering Export Promotion Council. Exporters who want to take advantage of the foreign trade policy's perks must first get a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) from the Engineering Export Promotion Council. Furthermore, If an exporter has this certificate, they may be eligible for tax breaks from Customs and Excise. Thus, 工程 EPC 注册 is a beneficial process and enrollment for exporters to do in order to avail the benefits from EEPC as well as foreign trade policy.

Benefits of getting 工程 EPC 注册 and becoming a Member of EEPC India

#1. Take use of EEPC India's global infrastructure, which has been helping the exporting community for over 50 years.

#2. Facilitating business travel with the necessary visas.

#3. Get a free weekly e-magazine delivered to your inbox, packed with information on international business opportunities, ongoing projects, real-time inquiries, government announcements, market reports, currency exchange rates, steel prices, and more.

#4. Get instantaneous email alerts of new Trade Leads and Tenders.

#5. By hosting / connecting to your website on EEPC India's domain, you will have access to the global audience interested in India's engineering industry.

#6. Take advantage of the government's many export promotion initiatives.

#7. The EEPC India can help you attend any event, including the world-class exhibitions organised by the Council.

#8. Find up-to-date data on the global and Indian markets for the goods you sell.

#9. Offers no-cost support in securing export funding from a variety of financial establishments.

#10. Participate in the group formed to serve as the exporters' official representative to the government.

#11. Get in touch with the appropriate government agencies and serve as a liaison so that incentives may be obtained rapidly.

#12. Learn from the experts how to improve Quality and Technology.

#13. The EEPC India Technology Centres provide members with access to cutting-edge equipment at a price that's more affordable than the retail price.

#14. Members receive a discounted rate to advertise their skills on the website.

#15. Importers can locate Indian exporters using the search bar on the EEPC India website. Only members' names are displayed in the search results, and buyers can choose to communicate with individual members directly.

类别 of Engineering EPC Membership


(a) 准会员
By obtaining an Import - 出口代码 印度政府外贸总局的相关商品编号,个人可以成为理事会的正式成员。

(b) 普通会员
One must meet the following criteria for ordinary membership under 工程 EPC 注册. At least three years must have passed since he or the organisation he represents became an associate member of the Council.
#1. MSME Rs. 30 Lakhs,
#2. Others Rs. 50 Lakhs

谁可以申请 for Membership of EEPC RCMC?

商业出口商, 政府认可的出口和贸易公司、设计工程、咨询、安装、造船、修船、土木工程和建筑公司。

理事会名单上的小规模单位出口超过卢比的工程产品或服务的工业或小型服务机构。上一年 600 万卢比或此类出口业绩,由工作委员会不时规定。

小型单位 borne on the list of Directorate of Industries or small scale service institutes for export of engineering goods or services of up to Rs. 60 lakhs during the preceding year or such export performance, as may be prescribed by the Working Committee from time to time, provided that any of the Small Scale Unit falling in the above category who voluntary wishes to join the Council as Ordinary Member will be permitted to do so.

Document Requirement to get 工程 EPC 注册

#1. Details about the Business.

#2. Nature of Business / Type of Exporter
-Manufacturer Exporter
-Merchant Exporter
-Merchant cum Manufacturer Exporter

#3. MSME 注册 Details

#4. Product Details

#5. Email and Mobile No. of the Applicant

#6. Business Registered Address Details

#7. Business Start Date

#8. Import - 出口代码

#9. PAN Card

#10. GST注册 法律实体的详细信息(签名并盖章)

#11. CA Certificate of Export Performance (that must include *Export Performance of Engineering Goods / Services (in F.O.B. Values) for the last immediate preceding year, FRN/C.A Membership Number & UDIN Number)

#12. ISO 证书 (强制)

#13. Manufacturing Certificate

#14. Company Incorporation Documents

#15. Scanned copy of Cancelled Cheque with Bank Name and Account No.

对于您业务特定的其他文件要求,您可以写信给我们: [电子邮件保护] 或致电我们: 8881-069-069。

Document Requirement to get 工程 EPC 注册

What are the various beneficial schemes available after getting 工程 EPC 注册?

#1. Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products (RoDTEP)

#2. Foreign Trade Policy (FTP)

#3. MSME Schemes

#4. MAI Schemes

#5. Medical Device Schemes



年度会员订阅的详细信息自 1 日起生效2011 年 4 月

Between 0 to 30 Lakhs 5000
Above 30 Lakhs to 60 Lakhs 8000
Above 60 Lakhs to 1 Crore 13000
Above 1 Cr. To 5 Crore 21000
Above 5 Cr to 10 Crore 23000
Above 10 Cr to 25 Crore 25000
Above 25 Cr to 50 Crore 30000
Above 50 Cr to 100 Crore 35000
Above 100 Crore 45000
Institutions, Chambers of Commerce & Industry and Trade Associations 10000

Note. Note: New Applicants are required to pay annual subscription as per slab given above (based on their export performance during the year prior to immediate preceding year) and admission fees of Rs. 2000/- along with Service Tax as applicable thereon.

Stepwise Procedure to get 工程 EPC 注册 Online

  • 1

    Step 1

    Consultation with our 工程 EPC 注册 Experts and get your document preparation done online.

  • 2

    Step 2


  • 3

    Step 3

    We will deliver your 工程 EPC 注册 cum Membership certificate, after the successful verification of the documents & application form from the Engineering Export Promotion Council.


为什么选择E-StartupIndia的 experts to get 工程 EPC 注册 Online?

Among the fields of law, technology, and taxation, E-StartupIndia stands out as a premier consulting firm. Our team of specialists has assisted hundreds of startups and business owners in setting up a business and running their operations. We provide a trustworthy, expert service tailored to your business's specifications. Whether you're a small firm just getting started in your hometown or a multinational conglomerate, we're here to help with all of the registration and global business creation processes. Get your 工程 EPC 注册 done with our team's support. As a result, you may relax knowing that you won't have to bother with the likes of arduous application procedures or document preparation hassles.


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工程行业提供的所有产品和服务都被归类为更广泛的类别,称为面板.目前有 42 个类别或面板。


任何寻求进出口代码或 IEC 执照/证书/许可证(ITC9HS 明确禁止的产品除外)或 (ii) 本政策项下的任何其他利益或优惠的任何人都需要提供注册暨会员资格由主管当局按照手册(第 1 卷)中规定的程序颁发的证书 (RCMC),除非政策豁免。



  • 通过每周bulletin – INFO。

  • 通过访问 EEPC 的官方网站。

  • 通过定期发送和接收 EEPC 的电子邮件。

除了将印度出口商与国际买家联系起来外,他们还帮助寻找可靠的印度供应商。此外。 EEPC 印度为海外买家、代表团前往印度旅行提供便利,并组织贸易代表团。


EEPC 印度通过以下在印度和国外的办事处开展业务;

  • 加尔各答总部

  • Territorial Office in 新德里 



  • 新德里 

  • Mumbai

  • Chennai

  • Kolkata



  • Bangalore

  • 海得拉巴

  • Jalandhar

  • 艾哈迈达巴德

Yes, you can apply and get successful 工程 EPC 注册 Online through our website. Call our experts at: 8881-069-069 to get 工程 EPC 注册 Online.


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