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Business Owners who started their business and incorporate the company however, later on, business not work upon. Then, business owner can’t get rid off by just doing shutter down of the office or shop but he must need to apply for 公司罢工 when they no longer want to continue the business. The Strike Off Company simply means that your company will be removed from the registrar of the company. Hence, business owner not need to do company annual compliances anymore. Section 248 of The Companies Act 2013 states about the provisions of Strike off of company.

Type of 公司罢工

As a business owner, if you want to close your business after having Private Limited 公司注册, you need to apply for 公司罢工 Voluntarily. Strike Off Company Procedure Voluntarily involves a major step of filing an application form to the ROC and Tax authorities. Also, you need to get shareholder’s approval before filing an application for 公司罢工.


  • 公司在公司成立后一年内未从事或未能开展业务
  • 公司不进行前两个财政年度的任何业务,未能提交休眠公司身份申请
  • Form INC 20A 未在 180 天内提交,并且认购人未支付他们在公司成立期间宣布需要支付的认购额
  • 公司在中华民国方面的实际核实后未在注册办公地址开展业务。

Eligibility for 公司罢工 through Fast Track Exit [FTE] Mode

You can apply for company strike off under FTE only if the incorporated company has completed at least one year. In other words, you cannot apply for 公司罢工 before one year of company incorporation.

公司在过去的 1-2 年内不得有任何业务交易或业务运营中不应有任何收入.

公司需要完成与注销公司程序相关的所有合规性,才有资格注销公司。需要完成的一些基本合规性是提供表格 AOC 4(财务报表)和表格 MGT 7(年度报表)。有关完整的合规详细信息,最好在线咨询 CA。

Understand the 公司罢工 Procedure

The 公司罢工 Procedure in India involves the following below steps.

# Approval for Strike Off Company

# Authorization from the Director to apply an application form of 公司罢工 to ROC

# Issuing a notice for holding a General Meeting

如果一家公司要倒闭,它需要清偿所有的债务。董事会决议通过后,如果仍有任何负债,公司将予以清偿。债权人账户应为空,关闭账户需要由执业 CA 签署。

公司应召开股东大会并制定决议,从公司注册处删除公司名称.根据公司的实缴股本,公司罢免决议需要至少 75% 的股东支持。

按照上述步骤,公司将需要提交 E-在不到三十天内形成 MGT-14。此外,您需要向 ROC 提交必要的文件、FTE 表格和电子表格 STK-2 以注销公司。此外,公司需要有CTC of Special Resolution并从不同的政府部门取得NOC才能注销公司。


# If the registered office is shifted within the previous three months.

# Company name was changed within the previous three months.

# In the usual course of trading or other company, has made a value-added disposal of property or rights owned by it immediately before to the cessation of trade or other business.

# Company has participated in any action other than that which is necessary or expedient for the purposes of filing an application under that section, considering whether to do so, ending the company's affairs, or complying with any legislative requirement

# The Tribunal has been asked to sanction a Compromise Or Agreement, but no decision has yet been made.

# Company is being wound up under Chapter XX, whether voluntarily or by the Tribunal or under the IBC,2016.

# Any Government liability is outstanding such as 所得税 and GST.

# All the directors are not willing to strike off the company or any of the DIR is absconding.

# 75% Shareholders not given the consent of company strike off

Timeline for 公司罢工

Timeline for 公司罢工 depends on a number of factors. Hence, it’s best to consult our experts to understand the complete timeline for company strike off in your case.


#1. Form STK3 and Indemnity Bond Duly Notarized by all the directors

#2. Certified statement comprising all assets and liabilities of the companies signed by a CA.

#3. Affidavit and CTC of Special Resolution duly signed by each and every director of the Company.

#4. NOC from Different Departments such as 所得税 / GST / ESI / PF.

#5. Statements relating to pending litigations concerned with the company.

#6. PAN Card and 数字签名证书 Tokens


What is 公司罢工 Certificate?

公司罢工 Certificate is the legal proof that you have completed strike off company procedure legally and your company has now closed its operations. 公司罢工 Certificate is an important document that will be issued by the Jurisdictional Registrar of Companies.


Each active company required to do every year, ROC compliance, statutory audit, conduct quarterly board meetings, 1 Shareholder Geeneral Meeting, Appointment of Auditor, Filing of 所得税 Return and many more…. . Doing continous non-compliance of the same may result in default company as well its director. If business owners failed to do company strike off then, the company, the directors, manager or other officers having powers of management might be held liable for penalties and punishments in case of avoidance of compliances and other obligations.




E-StartupIndia 如何为您提供帮助?

By reviewing the company's business activities and determining its eligibility for a company strike-off under the Companies Act, 2013 & Fast Track System we will be able to make the 公司罢工 process easier for you.

Our professional experts will prepare an application and get all the necessary paperwork done for the applicant and then file it for closure of the Company to the ROC. After successful approval of the application for 公司罢工,, we will deliver your 公司罢工 Certificate to your Email.


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You can apply for 公司罢工 only if all the directors are willing to strike off. If another DIR is not willing to strike off, the company is not eligible for strike off company procedure.


公司成立一年后,即使没有有效的 DIN 要求的年度备案,并且在那段时间没有商业活动,也可以进行罢工。

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No, you need not to be physically present for 公司罢工 Procedure. You can communicate with our experts over call, email and chat and share your documents securely online on our web portal or email. 

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