E-startupIndia has Made it Easy to obtain CHIMS注册. Get Chims registration with the assistance of our experts, as Government has marked mandatory for chip imports monitoring system.

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Overview of CHIMS注册

CHIMS(芯片进口监控系统)注册是一项新的进口政策,要求进口商在 DGFT 注册。几种产品的进口商必须进行注册,并且可以在线获得。

Under CHIMS注册, Policies that meet the 'free' requirements are converted to 'free subject to obligatory registration' under this registration. Furthermore, the Import Policy criteria for ITC (HS) 85423100, 85423900, 85423200, 85429000, and 85423300 have been amended.

因此,自 2021 年 5 月起,在 CHIMS 下进口大量电子集成电路成为必要。 A 通知 被发送来宣布进口规则的这一重大变化。

As a result, Chip Import Monitoring System Registration necessitates importers submitting information to an online system ahead of time for a variety of products. The automated system creates a unique registration number (CHIMS注册) when you submit the necessary information.


Why is CHIMS注册 Mandatory?

CHIMS注册 is Mandatory for several reasons as per by the government rules and regulations.

  • #1. Without CHIMS注册 in India, you will not get custom clearance for your electronic goods.
  • #2. Not obtaining CHIMS注册 can attract punitive action against you and your business.
  • #3. Government wants to promote domestic manufacturing and improve the internal structure as well as manufacturing business of the electrical industry through implementing CHIMS注册. Falsifying information for importing goods or without CHIMS注册 in India can result in hefty penalties.

Eligibility Criteria for CHIMS注册 in India

Every individual or a business entity importing goods related to or under the following HSN is required to obtain CHIMS注册 in India.

#1. 85423100 (Electronic integrated circuits: –Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits)

#2. 85423200 (Electronic integrated circuits: –Memories)

#3. 85423300 (Electronic integrated circuits: –Amplifiers)

#4. 85423900 (Electronic integrated circuits: — Other)

#5. 85429000 (Parts)

If you import any of the above mentioned goods, you are now eligible to get CHIMS注册 in India after obtaining the 进出口代码.

Benefits of CHIMS注册 in India

CHIMS注册 offers you several benefits. The most important ones that you know are mentioned below.

#1. CHIMS注册 in India allows you to get custom clearance smoothly and quickly.

#2. It assists in avoiding penalties.

#3. Obtaining CHIMS注册 in India results in prevention from punitive action. Thus, you save the reputation and credibility of your business.

#4. The CHIMS注册 Process is completely online and you don’t need to visit any office.

#5. The Government Fees of CHIMS注册 in India is affordable.

#6. You don’t need to submit documents manually to any official. Furthermore, the payment mode is completely online so you can also get the registration on the same day the imports also.

#7. If you already have IEC Code, you can get CHIMS注册 in only a few steps through our business advisors.

List of Products under the CHIMS注册

The following is the list of products under the CHIMS注册.

#1. 85423100 (Electronic integrated circuits: –Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits)

#2. 85423200 (Electronic integrated circuits: –Memories)

#3. 85423300 (Electronic integrated circuits: –Amplifiers)

#4. 85423900 (Electronic integrated circuits: — Other)

#5. 85429000 (Parts)

所需文件 for CHIMS注册


#1. 进出口代码.

#2. IEC 代码数据库中提到的电子邮件和手机号码。

#3. 银行帐户详细信息、地址证明和一些其他强制性文件。

所需文件 for CHIMS注册

You may reach out to our business advisers at 8881-069-069 to learn more about the Complete Document Requirement for CHIMS注册 in India.

Step-by-Step Timeline for CHIMS注册 in India

  • 1

    Step 1


  • 2

    Step 2

    验证文件并向 DGFT 提交申请

  • 3

    Step 3

    After successful verification from DGFT, the delivery of your CHIMS注册 number via email.

How we can help you in CHIMS注册 in India

At E-startupindia, we have a top-notch experienced team that provides a hassle-free and error-free Online CHIMS注册 Service. Our professionals have successfully completed over 50000 + IEC Code, AD代码注册, Spice Board注册 and other import-export services. Since 2014, our dedicated team of experts is keeping up with the DGFT's new registration requirements every day. As a result, we provide you with the finest DGFT-compliant Chip Import Monitoring (CHIMS) Registration.

Our diversified teams of professionals include Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, and Company Secretaries. We believe in honesty, integrity and teamwork. So, you only have to contact our business advisors once and submit documents on our online portal and we will take care of the complete application process. Don’t wait or hesitate to contact us and get your CHIMS注册 with entire legal formalities. We are always here to assist you in converting your dreams to reality.




















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进口总 CIF(成本、保险和运费)总金额每 1,000 卢比的注册费需要在政府的数字平台上在线支付作为每个 CHIMS 注册号的政府费用,最低为 100 卢比,最高为 500 卢比。




4。我们的专家将准备必要的表格并提交 CHIMS 注册申请表。

5.您将收到定期更新,因为我们的专家将定期跟进 DGFT。

6. We will send you your CHIMS注册 number via email after receiving the approval from the government.

最好提前很长时间注册,以免延误公司的商业活动。此外,进口商必须在进口货物预计到达日期前至少 60 天申请注册。


The Government has made CHIMS注册 in India mandatory. Therefore, you can not import or get custom clearance for electronic circuits without Chip Import Monitoring System Registration(CHIMS).

No, you do not need to be physically present for the CHIMS注册. E-StartupIndia is a one-stop online platform for all your business needs. All you need is an internet connection on your phone or computer, as well as the relevant documents, and we can get the job done regardless of where you are in India.


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